Business Management Benefits

All the Tools You Need to Manage Your Business

Organizing triathlons is a lot of work. This system was designed by a Race Director of over 200 triathlons who also successfully ran several other businesses. Put that experience to work for YOU!

Features Include:


Automated Award Mailing System

You specify how deep you give awards, how long after the event you are willing to mail them out, and how much you wish to charge for shipping and handling. Eligible participants just click on the ship award logo in the online results and pay for shipping. Then you log into PayPal and click Print Shipping Labels. It prints all shipping labels and notes on the label the race and what place the person got for easy packing. This saves TONS of time! I generally give 2 weeks, charge $9 (more than the award + shipping cost), and run label printing after the 2 weeks is up so it only needs to be done once.


T-Shirt Ordering Projections

There are predictors to help race directors when ordering shirts, medals, and other supplies for their events based on similar event registration patterns.


Year-Over-Year Financial Report

See how all of your events are doing versus the same events last year at this time.


Flex Stats Report

See your total registrations and revenues across all events for any time period you choose and for the year prior's same time period.


Financial Stats Report

This report shows you:

  • Today's Registration Totals By Event
  • Registration Totals for Current Year Events
  • Selected Event Daily Totals
  • Projection Based on Races at Save Location (for selected event)
  • Shirt Count

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