Registration Benefits


Online Packet Pickup List

Packet pickup (including dynamic number assignment and USAT verification if not done during registration) can be done online and at multiple locations simultaneously.


Online Packet Pickup Processing Page

This page is where numbers can be assigned dynamically (if not preassigned) and racer information can be verified.


Log In Option For Quicker Registrations

Users can elect to enter a password (login is their email address) when they register, to create an account. This allows them to manage their own registrations, update typos (name, birthdate, etc.), and make transfers. It also allows them to speed through the registration process in the future as they no longer need to enter their personal info. Several family members can be on the same account. When that occurs a dropdown box appears at the top of the Participant screen so the user can select the person they wish to register.


Customer Friendly Race Credit System Option

Race Organizations with multiple events can allow racers to take a race credit for the amount they paid for that race minus a transfer fee set by the race organizer to use towards any of the Race Organization's future events. Customers like this option better than the normal race-to-race or person-to-person transfers (also available if allowed by race organization) as it gives them more future options. Race Directors like it because no money is refunded and customers have to participate in another event, and generally spend more money, to use the race credit.

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