Results Benefits

Best Online Results In The Business.

Face the facts, Triathletes pay good money to race and static HTML or PDF results just don't cut it in today's high tech world. You have to step up your game or watch your participation erode away. Click the main results image to view results from our website. results are:


Live Results

Results go right to the cloud after each chip time comes in. This means live results as each split occurs (swim, t1, bike, t2, run), not just when the racer finishes. We even send an email to each participant with their own live results link to share on social media so friends and family can follow them during the race.


Detailed Results View

Just click the Show Detailed Results Button at the bottom of the screen to see every data point a triathlete could ever dream of.


Built In Finisher Certificates

Built in fully customizable finisher certificates. Just click the certificate icon in the results.


Detailed Individual Results

Built in link to detailed individual results. Just click the detail icon.

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